Beauty on a Budget

     It goes without saying, that the economy is hitting everyone.  Once where the money trickled down, the oil bust has caused the taps to be turned off.  How does one make it though this tough time and still manage to look and feel amazing?  Here are some helpful hints to maintain your looks, and be beautiful on a budget.

     Firstly, DO NOT go running to your local drug store.  Many people feel that drug store products are more economical.  This is not the case.  The average drug store shampoo will cost you $8.00-$10.00 but only last you you 4-6 weeks.  A salon shampoo may cost $30.00-$35.00 but last you 12-24 weeks. Salon products are more concentrated and therefore require you to use less.  The high concentration of active ingredients will help maintain the integrity and condition of your hair, and actually costs you less long term.  

     Don't be fooled by "home colours".  Drug store colours contain a very high amount of ammonia.  Ammonia is extremely damaging to the hair, especially in high concentration.  There is more to colouring then hair than just grabbing a one size fits all box.  The risk of damaging your hair, and even worse, ending up with the wrong colour, could cost you 2-3-4 times the amount to correct it in the salon.  Save yourself the heartache, and always let a professional handle your chemical work.  

     Create less maintenance by creating less change.   The more you change your natural colour, the more noticeable regrowth will be, therefore creating the need to be in the salon more often.  Highlighting, low lighting, and ombre are great ways to get that change without the need of frequent salon visits.

     Got grey?  No problem.  We offer mid term "hairline colours".  This process is for the clients who don't have the option to go months between appointments.  This mini visit has you in and out in 60 minutes.  We colour the perimeter, and part line, covering any visible areas. After processing the full time we shampoo/condition, and send you on your way.  The cost of this service is about 1/3 of your regular colour appointment.  

     Ask us about our referral program.  Save yourself and your friends money.  Simply pass out our referral cars, and for everyone we receive back, you'll save money on your next appointment.

Help us, help the food bank, and your pocket book.  We at Charisma are grateful for the support of our community, and want to pay it forward.  Simply bring in a food item to your appointment a receive 5% off your service/retail.  Bring in 2 items, and receive 10% off, 3 items gives your 15%, and 4 items 20% .  Its a win win for everyone.

     Talk to us.  We appreciate your business, let us know what we can do to keep it.


Colour- A little or a lot?

Choosing a colour is probably one of the most difficult decisions for a guest to make.  Here are some helpful hints:

  • Commitment Level -  A drastic change in colour will result in more noticeable regrowth, sooner.  If you would like to stretch our your colour appointments, a subtle change at the root are is best.  Examples of this would be an ombre or foils.
    • Time commitment -  Need to be in and out of the salon as fast as possible?  Tonal changes or deepening the hair one or two levels have the quickest processing time.  Lifting lighter will take longer and corrective colouring (three levels difference darker or lighter) could take the longest.
    • Budget -   Colour prices are determined by timing, number of applications and amount of product needed.  
    • Impact -  Are you looking for something very subtle or something to stop traffic?  A subtle change generally appears soft and natural.  Something more dramatic could be much lighter, much brighter, much darker or showcase strong contrast.  
    • Longevity -  Unlike traditional permanent hair colour, our "funky colours" such as blue, pink and green, are stains.  Stains sit on the outside of the hair and gradually rinse off.  Ways to improve colour longevity are; shampoo less frequently, use the recommended colour protecting shampoo and conditioner as recommended by your stylist.  Use cooler water when washing your hair.  Ensure styling products have UV protection.  Keep hair wrapped when exposed to UV either in nature or a tanning bed.
    • Integrity -  Removing pigment from the hair to go lighter, will take protein and moisture molecules with it.  It is for this reason that a stylist may decline a lightening service or break it up into multiple visits to allow the hair time to repair.  Going darker pushes colour molecules into the hair and offers little to no risk of damage.  Treatments such as L'ANZA's Emergency Service or OLAPLEX may be recommended before, during or after a chemical service.